Annie Pichardo, CLAPWAY

( — The Google search engine has for some time been a vital part of the Internet. It’s a catalyst to other informational sites, like Wikipedia, Youtube and Yahoo! Answers, and although there are doubts about the reliability of some of these search results, it’s a relatively trusted source of information for quick fact-checking and details on any and every subject, making the lives of people of all genders, demographics and ages much easier.

Google will now be able to share info on more than 900 sicknesses and diseases. Health conditions and queries were already a huge part of Google searches, and this new development allows a more direct connection to assert people of the meaning of their symptoms and tips on how to proceed. The new feature, first introduced in February, incorporates data from many sources including actual doctors, and, by typing in treatments, conditions or prevalence, Google will now be able to identify exactly what disease may or may not be present and how to treat it. In fact, search results will even allow you to save a PDF file for users to take to consultations with doctors.



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