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House Republicans pulled their health care legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare ahead of a scheduled vote Friday afternoon, unable to corral enough support to remove a law the GOP has railed against for years as unsustainable.

President Donald Trump, who had vowed to replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, on his first day in office, said he requested that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) pull the GOP’s bill after it became clear it wouldn’t get the necessary votes.

So for the time being, Obamacare will remain intact.

“Are all of us willing to give up a little to get something done? If we are willing to go that…we still have such an incredible opportunity in front of us,” Ryan said during a news conference afterward. “I’m really proud of the bill that we produced. It would make a dramatic improvement in our health care system and provide people relief hurting under Obamacare.”

On Friday morning before top GOP brass decided to pull its bill, Trump tweeted: “After seven horrible years of ObamaCare (skyrocketing premiums & deductibles, bad healthcare), this is finally your chance for a great plan!”

Democrats disagreed and vehemently opposed the Republican plan to revamp national health care.

“I am proud to have stood against this disastrous bill from day one,” Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) said in a statement. “Real people rely on the Affordable Care Act. Seniors receive discounts on their prescription drugs and Americans are now getting free preventive care like mammograms and vaccinations. This is the only way we can continue to stand up against President Trump and resist the GOP agenda.”

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