Tasha Cobbs Leonard performs at the Warner Theatre in D.C. on Nov. 15. (Shevry Lassiter/The Washington Informer)
Tasha Cobbs Leonard performs at the Warner Theatre in D.C. on Nov. 15. (Shevry Lassiter/The Washington Informer)

Gospel music — with its lows and highs of joy and sorrow, faith and hope, along with its rhythmic, punching hip-hop beats and vocal arrangements — places a contemporary gospel concert at an unmatched intensity.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s “Revival” tour at the Warner Theatre in northwest D.C. on Thursday, Nov. 15 featuring nonstop, heart-stirring, pulse-pounding music from one of the faith nation’s most powerful worship leaders of this generation was nothing short of amazing.

A pleasant surprise to the sold-out crowd was the opening act, Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy.

Brown, a local worship leader at First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro, started his 30-minute set with “I Got That,” a song that triggered the audience to stand the entire night.

Brown’s testimony of being diagnosed as dyslexic and a special-ed student as a child stirred the audience as he asked, “whose report will you believe?” before launching into “I Am (Miracle).”

Brown’s set culminated with an intense performance of “Worth.”

Leonard, a resident of Atlanta, if imaginable after listening to Brown, raised the intensity.

Terrance Crowley, a videographer working on the Leonard tour, said that at every one of her concerts, the audience has stood on their feet for the duration.

Listening to Leonard provokes a feeling of watching someone’s intimate worship with God. When she sang “You Know My Name,” she knows people are in the room, but she wants them to experience the love God has shown her.

What makes Leonard’s style unique is the power of being authentic. The lyrics in every song prove breakthrough, perseverance, and destiny leaving an imprint on the heart.

“The River of the Lord,” a song with a foot-stomping, hand-clapping, down-home country music feeling, showed Leonard’s ability to sing any music genre.

Concertgoers Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. attending with his wife Lady Trina, said of the concert, “She is amazing! She is an anointed praise and worship leader, an incredible and gifted psalmist.”

Notably, a great number of attendees appeared to be millennials.

TV journalist and influencer Jawn Murray said, “Tasha is the most important female gospel artist of this time. There is a belief that young people do not go to church anymore, but 75 percent of the people who bought tickets for this concert tonight were under the age of 30 and I think that’s remarkable.”

Leaving some concerts, patrons can be overheard saying what they wish had been played or sang. After Leonard’s performance, total satisfaction could be seen in the delightful smiles, and tears of joy from a large number of attendees.

The concert left an indelible mark on the audience who Leonard encouraged to live their best life with God.

“This concert was phenomenal, she did not disappoint,” said longtime fan and D.C. resident Richard Love Jr. “It was such an elegant, awesome performance.”

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