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The federal government will stop issuing the second round of coronavirus stimulus checks this week — but there’s recourse for those who haven’t gotten paid yet.

The government began sending out paper checks and prepaid debit cards and issuing direct deposits earlier this month, but legislation passed late last year mandated that the IRS and the Treasury Department make all of the payments by Friday, WTTG-TV (Channel 5) reported.

To meet the requirements of the legislation, the IRS said on its website that it was working diligently to get payments out to as many eligible households as possible even as they prepare for the 2021 filing season.

But those who are eligible but don’t receive a payment by the cutoff date aren’t out of luck — they can claim the payment as a rebate when filing taxes for 2020, the IRS said.

This is the second round of direct payments since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The first direct payment occurred in the spring in the amount of $1,200.

After months of political rancor and negotiations on Capitol Hill over the amount, the government began sending a second batch of checks, with $600 going to individuals who earn up to $75,000 and $1,200 to married couples making $150,000 or less, with an additional $600 for each eligible child.

The payments lessen by $5 for each $100 a person’s income exceeds those amounts. For instance, someone making $75,800 would receive a $560 check.

Individuals making more than $87,000 and married couples earning more than $174,000 are ineligible.

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  1. What if you didn’t have a job in taxes to file. How are you going to get a stimulus check. And why are people that are working getting a check. The checks are suppose to be for the people who are not working and can’t get unemployment. What the hell?

    1. I didn’t receive my money yet. It is very easy to file, even if you don’t have income. Go to and they will have all the tools you need to file. I don’t do income tax, but will do it this time. Hope this helps.

    2. Aren’t you just a joy?! I worked in retail all year throughout this pandemic! I didn’t get extra money for sitting at home like the extra 600$ WEEKLY in unemployment. My expenses went up too whether it was getting masks or by now 3 Covid tests due to working in retail.
      While you sat in your comfy home us on the frontlines were faced with verbal abuse due to all the restrictions stores were forced to implement due to Covid. I have worked in retail since 94 and 2020 was by far the worst year as far as abuse from Customers goes .
      And all that for 40 k a year…
      So yes we deserve that stimulus!!!

    3. Do you think you’re the only one who needs help ? How about someone who only makes minimum wage with two or three kids or the older people who can’t even afford meds and rent and you can get unemployment the stem unless even if you don’t have the quarter’s for regular unemployment

  2. Me and my wife didn’t get a stimulus check at all and we don’t work. My name is Juan a adia and my wife is esmeralda adia. That’s so sad.

  3. This is sad millions of people have no stimulus no unemployment and because of that it’s glitching we have to wait with nothing it is unacceptable and sad …..this money was supposed to help us it’s not fair and something needs to be done ASAP

  4. I have been unable to work since 2018. I have a pending social security claim. I have no taxes to file due to no taxable income. Do I still have to file my taxes to get a $600 stimulus payment only to give a tax preparer part of if for filing? I feel that is so wrong. And then having to wait for so long to receive it when I need it now.

  5. I tried to change my bank account info with the IRS months ago since we changed banks since the first stimulus checks. It direct deposited then. They said “I’m sorry but We cannot change that info”, my question was “why can’t you do something so easy that literally takes a minute”, but got no real worthy response except that it would be mailed out by check once they attempted a direct deposit to my CLOSED BANK ACCOUNT. Well on January 4th that’s exactly what happened. I have still not received my check yet as of today, but despite what this article says, I called the IRS today and the remaining checks or cards will continue to mail out for the rest of this month, thus the reason filing date has been pushed into mid February! So let’s see what happens

  6. I received my 1st stimulus check by mail,is that how I will receive my second? It’s Friday and I haven’t got anything,and get your payment hasn’t told me anything

  7. When I call about trying to find out where my stimulus check is. I’m told my information doesn’t match theirs and they said they can’t help me I just have to wait. I’m on SSDI and have been since 1995. NOTHING has change and they didn’t have no problem with the first check, I got it direct deposited on my Direct Express where I alway get my GOVERNMENT money. They can’t tell me anything. NOTHING!!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW I NEED MY MONEY, IM POOR. ” HELP”

  8. That sucks, how in the hell do you file when you’re on SSDI ? Another Trump’s GOP screwing over the American people again.

  9. That sucks, how in the hell do you file when you’re on SSDI ? Another Trump’s GOP screwing over the American people again.

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