Members of the DC Metropolitan Police Department bicycle unit ride up 15th Street Northwest to greet the protesters carrying a 50-foot inflated marijuana joint down the street. /Photo by Nancy Shia @nancy_shia
**FILE** Members of the DC Metropolitan Police Department's bicycle unit (Nancy Shia/The Washington Informer)

Ward 7 Council member Vincent Gray has asked for and received assurance that the Metropolitan Police Department will undertake a full investigation of an incident in front of Nook’s Barbershop on Sheriff Road in Northeast this month.

Gray said officers arrived at the shop on June 13 and immediately began questioning some young men who were standing outside. The men were searched as observers complained that police had no apparent cause to conduct such activity.

“Chief [Peter] Newsham assured me that there would be a full investigation,” Gray said. “Given the gravity of this situation, I have asked the chief to conduct the thorough investigation he promised as expeditiously as possible.

“It is unfortunate that some young men were implicated and still do not understand why,” he said. “This is just the kind of situation that breeds mistrust of our police officers. Clearly, we want answers as swiftly as possible.”

MPD officials declined to comment about the matter.

Gray said he’s closely monitoring the situation.

“I intend to get answers as to the results of the investigation, and why this happened,” he said. “It is imperative that we foster a better relationship between our officers and our communities, especially on the east end of the city.

“All of us want to enjoy a safe and hassle-free summer,” Gray said. “Working to build trusting relationships will benefit everyone.”

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