Ward 7 Council member Vincent Gray (WI file photo)
**FILE** Ward 7 Council member Vincent Gray (WI photo)

D.C. Council member Vincent Gray is on the mend after a mild stroke last month but will not attend Tuesday’s council sessions.

The Ward 7 Democrat “is recovering at home,” his office said in a statement Tuesday.

“He has daily, physical therapy sessions and is doing well,” the statement said. “Gray attends to council issues and is working on behalf of the residents of Ward 7 every day.”

Gray reportedly suffered the stroke after checking himself into a hospital for bronchitis in early December. He did not attend council sessions the rest of the month as he recuperated.

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  1. He is actively working for his constituents but isn’t attending council hearings. This makes me think he is sicker than they are telling us.

    Did the stroke cause any paralysis?

    We are not being told entire truth.

  2. My name is Andree Harrington. I leave at 263 56th Street N. E. In ward 7. I am a 73 year old senior and have lived in D. C. all my life.
    I have lived in ward 7 since November 1985. I have always voted for you and wish you the best in your recovery from your stroke. However, the staff and people you have put in place to keep up your image to assist with problems in ward 7 lack credibility. I have been given names to assist.me who never due and intake or call.back to help give advice or where, who, or how to assist me. The Street I live on is a safe heaven for crime. You don’t have to take.my word, Just get the police reports for the last ten years.
    I am in need of help from your office. I would like to attend or give testimony at your next meeting about my concerns in ward 7.
    Hope to hear from your office soon not only when you.need my VOTE.

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