(Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Photo)
(Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Photo)
(Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Photo)

(TechCrunch) – Groupon’s deal-finding iOS application was updated today to include support for Apple Watch. Like many Watch apps, Groupon’s takes advantage of its ability to tap into a user’s location by way of their connected iPhone, then it uses this awareness to alert you to deals available near you. Unlike with Groupon’s mobile application, whose home screen features deals in your general area – like a city or metro region – the new Watch app instead focuses on those offers that are in close proximity. It then orders them by how many miles away they are from your current location.

And when you find one you like, you can buy it directly from the Groupon Watch app itself.

The Watch app is actually well-built. It manages to deliver the key information about the various deals despite having limited screen space. On the main screen, deals feature a photograph, the name of the business, distance from you, the usual price and the discounted offer. You can scroll through the deals with finger swipes or by turning the Watch’s digital crown.


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