As part of a major economic initiative, the Guap Foundation, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization, recently launched its website as a platform to build a strong foundation for long-term economic wealth in underserved Black and brown communities.

Tavonia Evans created GUAP Coin, a cryptocurrency created to amplify the economic voice of the Black community through block-chain technology and financial education.

A recent study of the global Cryptocurrency Market shows that it is projected to have a 30 percent compound annual growth reaching, $5.19 million by 2026, up from $792.5 million in 2019.

While the Foundation has adopted the term “Buy Black” to reflect the socio-political movement most pertinent to its primary audience, it also acknowledges that underserved populations encompass a wide array of cultures, shades, languages and ethnic groups around the globe.

The Foundation’s primary mission is to provide a sound and revolutionary economic base for the underserved, underestimated and financially uneducated minority community. With Guapcoin, they seek to unite and empower all corners of the underestimated population with a currency focused on building generational wealth. Their secondary mission is to educate the community on how to use cryptocurrency and its application in our new economy.

The foundation also will:
·      Encourage and facilitate learning that redefines what constitutes money/currency and how it is governed and used.
·      Swap and trade GUAP currency for services and products.
·      Identify and marketing of member businesses.
·      Increase the lifespan of currency in Black and brown communities and demonstrate via data collection.
·      Empower artists with the tools to distribute their music as well as build and monetize a fan base.
·      Provide education and materials about financial literacy.
·      Encourage entrepreneurship and provide financial support.

The Foundation hopes to build a group of highly professional, educated and skilled individuals who can assist in carrying out the organization’s mission.

To donate and learn more about the Foundation, go to or email the Guap Foundation at

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