For the past five years, Washington D.C. has been ranked as one of the top ten “fittest” cities in the country by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation. This year, the District dropped from number one to the sixth “fittest city”. The trend has sparked an exuberant amount of gyms to pop up in the area.

Sure, your favorite niche gym may have its own set of rules, but there is a general set of guidelines you want to abide by when attending any fitness facility.

To help newcomers and gym rats, we’ve reached out to a few of our favorite DMV trainers to compile a complete gym etiquette list. Check out what they had to say.

Leon Bournes | Trainer, Bourne2Fly Fitness

Sometimes the gym can be like a barbershop or hair salon type of environment. Try to keep the conversation to a neutral. You can build relationships slowly, but don’t be the person that’s overly trying.

If places have saunas or steam rooms, make sure you got a full towel or robe on. Or just keep your clothes on. No nudity, please! Thanks!

Khanesha Mabin | Trainer, FabBody Factory

For someone that is new, definitely ask where everything is. If you don’t know where things are you’re going to spend extra time getting distracted and discouraged.

Help other people if you see they are struggling. Give a kind tip. If they brush you off it’s okay, but don’t laugh and watch them struggle.

Don’t stare! Mostly for the guys but, DON’T STARE AT THE GIRLS!

Don’t scream! Sometimes it’s necessary to grunt to get something accomplished like hitting a personal record (PR) but don’t scream. Don’t be loud.

Erika Stepter | Bodies by Erika

Clean off the equipment after you use it. There are a lot of different people using the equipment and germs will spread if the equipment is not wiped down.

Respect your space and others. You don’t want to be too close to someone when you’re working out. If you see that you’re in the line of sight (even looking at the mirror) you don’t want to stand right in front of them.

Work out with a friend or a personal trainer. It’s great to have someone who is going to keep you accountable.

Come with a plan. A lot of times people come into the gym and they have no idea what they’re doing. Do some research and discover what type of exercises you feel are safe and go along with the time you want to spend at the gym.

I’m a music person and I can get inspired to go a little more when I’m listening to music. The gym is going to play some music, which you may or may not like, so its good to have a playlist specifically curated for the gym. These are the songs that get you pumped.

Brandon Scott | Personal Training Director, LA Fitness

Put your stuff away. Put it back where you found it, so you’re not the person freaking out when you can’t find it.

Please don’t come to the gym with jeans on, without a shirt on, or opened-toed shoes or barefoot.

Women, please check the sheerness of your leggings. Lululemon and Nike have gotten folks in trouble with that before. I’m a big proponent of, look as cute as you want to if it’s going to motivate you to work harder, but keep your goodies to yourself.

People have a tendency to claim space and sit on the equipment for a while. If you do a set on the leg press, get yo ass up. You gotta get out that seat, so someone else can use it.

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