The first culprit of hair shedding is dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water.


As for one of those little nuances that works your last nerve, you can check shedding hair off the list.

Shedding hair is one of those nuances that irritates most just like those little white lint balls. Where do they come from and how do you get rid it?  To get the answer, you decide to Google it. While sitting at your computer you sigh, “It’s just too much information.”

Never fear. No, “Under Dog” is not here. But the resolve to stop or slow down the shedding of your hair starts with understanding why hair sheds. From there, you can learn how to remedy this nuance. Des Tobin, Associate Dean for Research at the School of Life Sciences, University of Bradford writes, “For most animals, like cats, dogs, rodents and the likes; you have a clear-cut wave of hair growth where all the follicles are synchronized. However, in the human there is quite a bit of synchronicity in the very early stages: before birth and in the neonatal phase but it breaks up very quickly so that you get what we call a mosaic form of hair growth. Each follicle is an autonomous mini organ.” In other words, each follicle (the little tiny opening that the hair grows out of) has its very own life cycle of when hair grows, sheds, falls out and then grows in another new strand of hair.

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