Lou Brock (AP Photo)
Lou Brock (AP Photo)
Lou Brock (AP Photo)

(Jacksonville.com) – Lou Brock is one of the elite players in baseball history, master of stolen bases and owner of numerous awards and honors. While visiting the Yates Family YMCA on Tuesday in downtown Jacksonville, Brock opened for Novo Nordisk at the Diabetes Education Program, sharing the highlights of his career and recalling his first encounter with diabetes.

It was a moment during his rookie season with the Chicago Cubs when Brock glanced over at teammate Ron Santo injecting himself with a long needle full of insulin. Brock was horrified.

“That was the biggest needle I had ever seen,” he said. “I thought, ‘Boy, I hope I never get diabetes.”

Santo had Type I diabetes, but balanced the disease and his baseball career with finesse. Brock’s own personal battle with diabetes wouldn’t begin until the age of 64, but he’d never forget his experience with Santo. Today, at the age of 76, Brock has disregarded his fear and embraced life with diabetes.


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