Black History month closes and Women’s History month has begun. As a Black woman I rejoice at the revelation that these realities need to be celebrated.  As a Black woman I cringe at the reality that the reason for the special acknowledgement is for the many years of oppression and diminution of value of Black people and women. 

The struggle of living in America is real as a Black person and as a woman. Statistics show that in the comparison between Black women and White women, Black women are undervalued and underappreciated economically. We are paid less than White men, Black men or White women statistically in professional as well as blue collar positions.

Yet, Black women still rise.  Black women are out performing in the creation of businesses.  Entrepreneurship is embraced as an opportunity to build without the restrictions and devaluation of others. However, access to capital and opportunities continue to be a hindrance. 

I am honored to be a member of the new BOW Collective.  The Black Owner & Women’s Collective, is an organization and sisterhood of the Nation’s top 1% of Black Women Enterprises. As “Business Philanthropists” we work together to bring awareness, business opportunities, and capital resources to Black women enterprises.  As Black women we are facing the struggles together.

What is exciting about this month is not just acknowledging the amazing women who have been able to fight the challenges and the multiple responsibilities that it takes just to be alive and phenomenal in the past.  We get to stop and notice the HerStory makers of today.

It does not mean that you are the first Black Vice President of the United States to be a HerStory maker. Yet, we do indeed salute Kamala Harris.  It isn’t just the laundress, Oceola McCarty who left $150,000 for the University of Southern Mississippi for scholarships. 

A HerStory maker is the mom who manages her household and proudly supports her children to achieve their goals through positive role modeling and strategic planning.  A HerStory maker is the woman who has no children but has committed her life to making the world a better place.  A HerStory maker is an entrepreneur who has created jobs for others.  A HerStory maker is a creative arts performer who makes beauty in the world. A HerStory maker makes her decision on how to live her best life to tell her story.

Each woman can create HerStory of strength, peace, joy and love.  For so long Black women have been oppressed to live lives that were not of her own making or decisions.  I am excited that we are taking the opportunity to join forces, build networks and communities that embrace our goals, dreams and visions to enable us to live our Story unapologetically. 

As we should celebrate the lives of Black women this month and every month, I encourage each of us to not look past the many miracles that are happening every day.  Encourage each woman to craft her best Story.

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