Spin Class

TRONDHEIM, Norway (UPI) — “Hard” physical training twice a week can help arthritis patients experience less pain and inflammation, as well as a small drop in BMI, according to a new study.

Arthritis is a chronic illness causing inflammation of the joints that over time leads to weakness and loss of movement.

Doctors have long recommended that people at risk for arthritis stay physically fit and active, and many studies show that high-intensity workouts can increase endurance, however no studies had been done on the effect of such workouts with arthritis patients.

“Previously, studies have showed that moderate intensity work-out sessions can help improve endurance without inducing pain or inflammation, or damaging joints,” said Anja Bye, a researcher at the K. G. Jebsen Centre for Exercise in Medicine at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in a press release. “This is why it is especially important for arthritis patients to keep fit and work on their cardiovascular endurance.”


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