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The Washington National Cathedral was filled recently with talented young singers and an eclectic offering of music during the Cathedral Choral Society’s annual High School Choir Festival.

From “Amazing Grace” performed by the Gonzaga College High School Choir to “Route 66,” a jazzy, uptempo selection that was part of a medley performed by Musician Washington Youth Choir, the Jan. 29 choral festival showcased a range of talent.

At a time when symphonic music seems so rare, listening to more than a dozen students singing classical, gospel and popular show tunes offered a refreshing musical revival that was welcomed by all who attended.

“I became a musician because of the experience that I had in high school,” said Steven Fox, director of the combined choir composed of the participating groups. “These teachers are heroic. They are doing the same thing for these students that my teacher did for me.”

From Eastern High School to The School Without Walls to the National Cathedral and the St. Alban’s Choir, Fox said each choir brought something special to the event, particularly when all 12 choirs came together.

“The combined choirs were great and powerful,” he said.

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