Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has initiated new efforts to ready the state’s nursing homes for the expected winter surge of the coronavirus.

Nursing homes are required to offer antibody treatments and other approved medical therapies when virus outbreaks are reported. Monoclonal antibody treatments are strongly advised for coronavirus patients to lessen the severity of symptoms and to keep high-risk people out of hospitals.

“We continue to work closely with our nursing homes to protect our most vulnerable residents against COVID-19,” Hogan said, WJLA-TV (Channel 7) reported. “Just as these facilities offer vaccines and booster shots, we want to make sure they are offering antibody treatments as soon as any outbreaks occur. Again, from everything we know about the variants, the most important thing Marylanders can do right now is get vaccinated and get a booster shot.”

Dozens of facilities are offering this antibody treatment in Maryland, WJLA reported.

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