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(The Daily Beast) – It’s been almost a year since Bryan Singer managed to weather the storms of scandal after his most public accuser dropped his lawsuits alleging years of predatory underage sexual abuse against the X-Men director and several other Hollywood players.

This month, as the Duggar family’s sex abuse revelations spark a national conversation on molestation, victimization, and accountability, Singer and Co. should batten down the hatches again.

In the new scorched earth exposé An Open Secret, Oscar-nominated documentarian Amy Berg throws the curtains wide open on the alleged pedophilic ring of convicted and accused molesters linked to lavish, drug-fueled parties at the Encino mansion headquarters of now-defunct dot com web TV company Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) almost two decades ago.

Drive over the hill into Burbank and you pass the Oakwood Apartments, a sprawling 1,100-unit haven known for housing out-of-town child actors, wannabes, and their families. I always wonder how many ghosts of dreams past must still haunt the hallways at Oakwood, where a recent Deadline Hollywood investigation discovered two registered sex offenders convicted of crimes against minors were living this year.


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