A voter takes advantage of the DCCC's "Cycle of Engagement Initiative" which provides greater access to voting for people of color. (Courtesy of DCCC)
Courtesy of DCCC
Dear citizens of the District of Columbia:
Tuesday, June 2 is the 2020 District of Columbia Democratic presidential primary and local election. This is one of the Democratic Party presidential primaries for the 2020 presidential election. This Election Day Tuesday is upon us to bring “Souls to the Polls” to make a difference for our entire city and the United States of America.
On this Tuesday by casting a vote, it is more than about electing someone who will carry a title. This election is about who will carry the baton of justice for all of our citizens. This election is about who can carry the baton for causes like elementary, secondary, vocational and college education, for public safety, health care, workforce equality and opportunities for small and large businesses.
This election is about who can carry the baton for housing. Not just for public housing, but for housing that is affordable, for all the public. This election is about someone who can carry the baton for equality in the workforce, ensuring that equal job duties carry equal pay. This election is about someone who can carry the baton for all of our Wards 1 through 8 and our nation. This election is about someone who can cast a protective shield for our city’s most vulnerable population, including our youth and senior citizens, our homeless population and those who are disenfranchised needing better opportunities in the civic arena.
To many in the spiritual arena, this election can be translated to being my ‘brothers and sisters’ keeper, literally. In a city that is known as the nation’s capital, we must protect the vitality of growth and development for our citizens which means we must get out to vote because our vote will represent that which will hold the fabric of our city and nation together with a common thread of care and compassion. Care and compassion for our veterans, as well as our disabled, care and compassion for the trying to do as well as the well to do, care and compassion for those that have and those who aspire to have, care and compassion for the sick as well as those who are in good health, in other words, care and compassion for all our neighborhoods and cities, for all of God’s creation.
As chaplain and religious chair of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee, my prayer is that we vote to have both a more united city and a United States, not a city and nation that is divided by economic, racial, social and cultural barriers. Some have been more fortunate, and others need to know that there are resources for their development and growth in this city and our nation. So on this Election Day, let us galvanize with our faith institutions, community groups, civic associations, businesses, government officials, universities and schools, fellow co-workers and colleagues, sororities and fraternities, family and friends and many of our other institutions and groups, as we vote to support positive and progressive change in Washington, D.C., and the United States of America.
We must strive like Nehemiah on the wall, like Moses for the people, and like Deborah and Esther for her country as they worked towards their quest to have a better and brighter day. Therefore, as the Book of James illustrates, “faith without works is dead,” and our work on Election Tuesday is to help others to get Souls to the Polls and ensure that those who have voted were not hindered in the process and to make sure that everyone in our reach votes.
So my fellow citizens, let us rise up with a new and greater readiness and coalesce and consecrate our desires and efforts to Get Out The Vote, from the Big Chair to the Kennedy Center from City Hall to the Community Halls from Georgia Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue from Benning Road to River Road from The Temple of Praise to The National Cathedral but not only that, from Los Angeles to New York from Detroit to El Paso from Chicago to Miami from Atlanta to Minneapolis from Phoenix to Las Vegas from Boston to Philadelphia from Charlottesville to Pittsburgh from all parts of our powerful nation, let us get out to vote!
Therefore, let us come closer together as one city and as one nation as we Get Out To Vote on this Election Day, knowing that in our great city and our great nation, that “Our Best ‘Together’ is Yet to Come.”
Thank you for being such a wonderful blessing to our Citizens in the District of Columbia and to this remarkable nation of ours.
Click here https://earlyvoting.dcboe.org/ for the list of the 20 voting centers and locations in service in the District of Columbia. On June 2, primary Election Day, all voting centers and locations are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters may vote at any of these listed vote centers during the above time. Please make sure our fellow citizens know the locations where they can vote on Election Day.
Please continue to make a positive difference in our city. Please continue to be impactful. Please continue to believe that, your one vote can change Washington, D.C., and America!
In this challenging season as we ReOpen DC, as we were and are currently forced to wrestle with this global coronavirus pandemic, and our many brothers and sisters who found and finds themselves and their households so unfortunately unemployed, along with the bankruptcy of many of our small businesses, I want to thank you for continuing to be DC STRONG!
May God continue to Bless our great Mayor Muriel E. Bower and her administration, our great elected officials, our first responders, our health care workers, our faith leaders, our educators, our brothers and sisters working on the front line, you, your family, all of Washington, D.C., and the United States of America always.
With great appreciation and admiration for the great works you have been called to do …
Rev. Dr. George E. Holmes is chaplain and chair of the Religious Council of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee. He is the recipient of the President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award, contributor to the book “Mr. President” and a member of the National African American Clergy Leadership Network.

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