**FILE** (Anthony Tilghman/The Washington Informer)

More than 800 D.C. government employees are facing suspension or termination as a result of not receiving coronavirus vaccinations.

Of those who aren’t in compliance with the city’s vaccination order, 470 have received their first disciplinary notice, while 33, including five workers at the D.C. health department, have been suspended or have resigned, WRC-TV (Channel 4) reported. No one has been fired yet.

Those who are unvaccinated include paramedics, teachers, D.C. Fire and EMS workers and D.C. Department of Health employees, WRC reported. Six D.C. Fire and EMS members have had their medical licenses suspended.

Only one request for a religious exemption has been approved, while 249 others have been denied and nearly 2,800 are still pending, WRC reported. Regarding medical exemptions, 32 have been granted, 184 denied and 1,410 pending.

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  1. Just get the vaccine for God’s sake. It’ll save you, your family and others!
    (From a former DC Government employee)

  2. A person would be a fool to get vaccinated based upon the results from the tests that is being used in D.C.. The test is not FDA cleared nor approved. The test can only detect that one has been exposed to COVID-19. Only through extensive blood tests and analysis can a determination can be made without prejudice.

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