November 2016

ARIES It’s all about change as cosmic influences alter your perspective and give you new ideas to consider. With Mars in Aquarius for the coming six weeks, your social life could have plenty of extra sparkle. You may be more proactive about joining clubs and getting involved in activities, too. You’ll be very aware of the best people to hang out with and those who are a wise investment of your time. Learning can also be important as a way to expand your horizons. Lucky Numbers: 22, 49, 52

TAURUS You could get very excited about an opportunity and use the next six weeks or so to look into it further. This week you may want to connect with those who share your vision and are very much on your wavelength. You could get great support from tips, advice, and anything else that can help you progress. Regarding more personal issues, you could feel a restless desire to leave your comfort zone. Would it be good for you? It certainly seems so! Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 29

GEMINI You may be ready to explore the latest developments in technology, whether by upgrading current devices or taking a class. During this week and into the future, social media and the Internet could bring opportunities for new friendships and creative outlets that you’ll enjoy. When it comes to finances, you may be very aware of the need to invest wisely and make the most of your money. Investing in relationships can bring satisfaction, too, in a heart-centered way. Lucky Numbers: 17, 30, 38

CANCER You may be captivated by ideas, an online business, or a moneymaking opportunity, particularly as Mars dances into Aquarius and your financial zone. You could also find that an ongoing business could make you more productive and wealthy if you’re willing to use the latest developments in technology. The move of Venus into your sector of relationship can help smooth over any difficulties and foster greater harmony. Researching your health and wellness options can bring positive rewards, too. Lucky Numbers: 31, 37, 48

LEO Is it time to clear the air? You might notice that you’re more willing to say what you think when Mars dances into your relationship zone. Although a diplomatic approach always helps, there are times when it’s better to be honest and open. Projects or relationships that have stalled could suddenly get moving in the right direction. Venus entering your lifestyle sector can bring positive relationships with co-workers and superiors. Regarding leisure, competitive sports can help channel excess energy. Lucky Numbers: 32, 39, 58

VIRGO There could be disruptions to your routines, but would this be such a bad thing? Sometimes you get stuck in ruts that sap your energy and resolve. Lively new influences showing up in your solar chart from this week can be like a new broom that sweeps clean. You might want to swap habits that have become second nature for those that can bring enhanced results. Will romance be yours? Venus entering your sector of dating and romance hints that it might. Lucky Numbers: 4, 11, 29

LIBRA Lighthearted love affairs and fun dating options can show up from this week as Mars, your relationship planet, stirs you to action. You may be more proactive about calling someone you find attractive and proposing a date. Or you may feel more inclined to accept an invitation and see how it goes. The move of Venus into your home and family sector might encourage you to redecorate or make your place more comfortable. Anything that helps you relax is perfect. Lucky Numbers: 9, 14, 36

SCORPIO If your home has become a haven for unused clutter, this week’s blend of influences could see you making a start to clear it away. You don’t have to do it all at once. Regular effort could leave you with more room for other things. And you might be surprised by what you can do with it. Mercury’s move to Sagittarius can be helpful for selling anything you no longer need and giving yourself some spare cash to play with, too. Lucky Numbers: 6, 33, 57

SAGITTARIUS A stirring influence in your communication sector could be the catalyst that encourages you to go after what you want. Do you need a new job, or are you hoping to connect with a special person? Whatever you need, this is your opportunity to make the key connections that will help you progress. The move of Venus into your money zone can encourage you to splurge on luxuries. If you’ve been saving your money recently, it might feel good to treat yourself. Lucky Numbers: 24, 25, 39

CAPRICORN There could be a lot of activity in your financial zone in coming weeks, but this week an event could encourage you to begin the process of sorting things out. You’ll likely feel a lot better if you face up to any difficulties and do what you have to do to resolve them. The move of Venus into your sign can also be a call to reach out to friends, especially if you’ve been busy lately. You’ll feel better for the chance to relax and unwind. Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 16

AQUARIUS As Mars jogs into your sign for a six-week stay, it can enhance your energy and leave you feeling more upbeat and lively. You may be very interested in starting on goals and plans that have special meaning for you, especially if doing so affirms your identity. Any activity that allows you to be the individual that you are will feel very satisfying. Mercury’s move into your social sector can pave the way for new friendships and associations. Lucky Numbers: 8, 36, 50

PISCES Key links could encourage you to make travel decisions with friends that lead to a groundbreaking trip. Whatever you decide, this could be an opportunity that changes your life for the better. You might decide to study or explore a subject that’s of great interest to you. Meanwhile, a harmonious influence in your social zone could pave the way for a team or community project that you might enjoy getting involved in. Regarding career, it helps to have a plan. Lucky Numbers: 15, 33, 40

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