ARIES The Full Moon could bring an opportunity to splurge and enjoy yourself. Whenever influences in your solar chart show just how busy and focused you’ve been lately, you can benefit from giving yourself some leeway. When it comes to talking about business matters and being productive, be sure to inquire about details and read the fine print. Don’t leave anything to chance or you could lose out. Finally, romance could be in the air, with a special date proving very enjoyable. Lucky Numbers: 26, 47, 54

TAURUS The start of the week brings a lively Full Moon in your sign, which could heighten feelings. You may share more than you intend, but perhaps that’s a good thing. Still, it helps to think before you speak to avoid saying anything you might regret later. Concerning money matters, take your time whether you’re purchasing an item or signing a contract. If you have any reservations, you’d be wise to request more time so you can check the details thoroughly. Lucky Numbers: 7, 12, 41

GEMINI You may be spoiled for choice when it comes to golden opportunities. Whether you’re looking for more leisure options, a way to succeed with a love interest, or a chance to travel, take your pick. You may not see eye to eye with a boss or authority figure and need to be careful how you interact with him or her. It’s better to be honest than tell a little white lie, as you could be found out. Otherwise, the world’s your oyster! Lucky Numbers: 29, 39, 40

CANCER The start of the week can be an excellent time for a party, celebration, or get-together. Invite friends, provide good food, and have a ball. On another note, you may continue to be busy on the work front, which could put a lot of pressure on you. You may be accepting conditions or demands that aren’t in your best interests. If so, discuss such issues with someone who can help you and provide relief. Leisure options also beckon and can prove therapeutic. Lucky Numbers: 3, 10, 28

LEO The shift in focus to your relationship sector encourages teamwork and cooperation. If you’ve been tempted to go it alone on a key project, the cosmos is encouraging you to rethink. Joining with others may make tasks not only easier but more enjoyable, too. Jupiter’s continued presence in your communication zone can make you very optimistic about future plans. If you’re discussing the development of a business idea, however, give particular attention to potential costs. Lucky Numbers: 13, 17, 35

VIRGO Don’t feel you have to push yourself too hard to meet your goals and targets. You may be in a competitive mood, and this could last for some weeks, but it would be wise to pace yourself. With just a little planning you may find a way to create a helpful balance that allows you to work and play. Discussions with a partner or family member could create more confusion than clarity unless you can keep a key discussion on track. Lucky Numbers: 5, 10, 18

LIBRA With Mars in your sector of creativity, the coming weeks can be a golden opportunity to showcase your skills and show the world what you can do. You often excel at design work or anything else with an artistic or creative bias. If you can use technology to help get your message out to the right people, you could do very well. It’s also possible that you could be made aware of a talent you’re not using to the fullest. Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 28

SCORPIO The focus continues on your home and family sector, and it could stir up a desire to relocate, particularly if this has been on your mind. Equally, you may feel moved to remodel your place so it offers more space and options. You could find that talking with someone on your wavelength fills you with all kinds of ideas you hadn’t considered, and some of them may be relevant to your intentions. Before you commit to anything, check the details. Lucky Numbers: 5, 30, 42

SAGITTARIUS When you have time to sit back and reflect, you may become aware of an idea that has been waiting in the wings. Perhaps it’s relevant to a project or situation you’re currently facing and something you can make use of. Don’t feel you have to discuss it with family or close friends, though. They may have different perspectives, and their input could cause you to doubt yourself. Follow your instincts on this. If it feels right, go for it. Lucky Numbers: 10, 23, 54

CAPRICORN You might decide to give someone the benefit of the doubt, which is a good thing. The upside may be that this person feels moved to help you out of a tricky situation. What you give can come back to you this week in a way that’s most helpful. When it comes to finances, however, it might be wise to update your budget. You might earn a lot more, but you may need to spend more, too, which needs to be taken into account. Lucky Numbers: 12, 35, 58

AQUARIUS The presence of Mars in your sign could mean that you feel more restless than usual. You may be seeking excitement and opportunities to explore ideas with a novel twist. The same can be true of relationships. You might be drawn to others who think along original lines. The same old, same old could seem boring unless you can find a way to make it interesting. When you find an idea that excites you, you’ll likely stick with it to the end. Lucky Numbers: 6, 19, 25

PISCES If you have things to accomplish this week, it would help to have a plan at the start. With Mercury making some awkward links to Neptune in your sign, you could doubt yourself or lose interest in your idea. This would be too bad, as there’s so much opportunity to prove just how skillful and talented you are. It would be a shame to miss it. Your dreams could be a lot more vivid as well, bringing some very appropriate guidance. Lucky Numbers: 18, 32, 43

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