ARIES The Sun and Mercury continue through your zone of shared resources, so you may be seeking ways to increase your income or improve business profits. The Sun/Neptune link suggests reflecting or meditating on creative ideas and seeing what you come up with. Mercury’s connection to Pluto encourages you to be curious and ask questions of successful people. It can all work in your favor. There’s a lot to be said for committing to a course of study that could positively affect your future. Lucky Numbers: 2, 9, 53

TAURUS The tensions that may have plagued you over recent weeks should have abated by now. With a positive focus on your sector of relating, this can be an excellent time to clear the air with a heart-to-heart chat. By socializing more, you may be inspired to join a group or try an activity that you’ve never tried before. The link between Venus and Saturn and Uranus in your business sector could see you closing a lucrative deal. You’ll need to be quick, though. Lucky Numbers: 43, 49, 52

GEMINI With wellness and lifestyle matters on the agenda, aiming for efficiency can help you make headway with your goals and plans. If you do what you say you’ll do, you can certainly impress the right people. Mercury’s connection to Pluto suggests that exemplary service could net you a raise. Venus makes some interesting connections over the coming days that could see you becoming more committed to one relationship. On Friday, a sizzling encounter could give you much food for thought. Lucky Numbers: 7, 10, 29

CANCER You have plenty of opportunities to tap in to your imagination this week when the sky’s the limit. If you can visualize it, there’s every chance you can make it happen. And doing so regularly will make it even more likely. Be willing to let your light shine – this is no time to hide your talents. Somebody may spot your abilities and make you an offer. Finally, your hard work in other areas can pay off with an unexpected proposal. Lucky Numbers: 9, 15, 37

LEO The Sun is in your home sector, so enjoy nurturing yourself and giving yourself a little self-care. Make the most of this chance to be with those you are close to and also indulge. What can be particularly important are the insights gained as a result of making more time for yourself. On a romantic level, you may decide to take one relationship further, although the situation between you may need to be reassessed by the end of the week. Lucky Numbers: 3, 13, 44

VIRGO This can be an opportunity for in-depth research. If you’re thinking of starting a business or branching out in one you already have, the work you do now can pay big dividends in the future. You may also tap ideas that could be big earners that you’re now in a position to implement. At home, committing to redecorating, holding a big celebration, or doing other work around the house could see you making positive strides. Finally, some family news could surprise you! Lucky Numbers: 28, 41, 46

LIBRA You may be tempted to part with your money if someone offers you an opportunity enjoy a pleasure trip or other experience. Other indicators suggest that you may be eager to splurge on your home, perhaps to improve your lifestyle. Both could be positive experiences for you. On another note, the Venus/Saturn connection could see you making a promise or committing to a contract or deal. Be sure it’s right for you, though, as new information could override your original decision. Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 15

SCORPIO The urge to volunteer your time to help out another could be a positive start to the week. As a result of your kind offer, you could be rewarded with an unexpected opportunity. It could be lucrative, too! Meanwhile, you might decide to get serious about saving rather than spending your cash. While this is a great idea, your attitude could change by the end of the week when an offer or opportunity could have you throwing caution to the wind. Lucky Numbers: 2, 36, 38

SAGITTARIUS The present focus encourages you to take a respite from everyday life by giving yourself time to reflect. If you can take a vacation, this might be the ideal time, as the cosmos is actively encouraging you to get away in order to be able to think. You need a chance to see things in perspective and make decisions based on what you discover. You could decide to let go of certain activities or relationships, leaving space for better things to come. Lucky Numbers: 13, 33, 58

CAPRICORN This week certainly looks easier than previous weeks, allowing you to unwind and enjoy a bit more relaxation. With your social life sparkling away, don’t be surprised if you get more invitations and opportunities for hanging out in good company. All of this can do you a world of good. Don’t ignore any feelings you have about a relationship that may be going through a tricky patch. It might be better to have a heart-to-heart talk, as some positive insights could result. Lucky Numbers: 3, 6, 11

AQUARIUS You may find yourself in the limelight, so make the most of it. In fact, the Sun/Neptune connection could grant you some visionary ideas that impress someone at the top. A little time spent in reflection could enable you to spot opportunities where you might not have otherwise. Meanwhile, someone could make you an offer that you’ll want to seriously consider, as it looks very solid. A surprise later in the week may have less mileage in it, though. Lucky Numbers: 22, 24, 42

PISCES A tempting offer could see you considering a trip somewhere that offers an escape from life. If you go, you’ll likely enjoy it. On another note, talking with a friend could encourage you to study or even travel together and benefit very positively from the experience. You seem to be getting on particularly well with a certain boss with a positive influence, but your ideas and ideals may differ greatly in some ways. Still, this could add value to your relationship. Lucky Numbers: 19, 30, 58

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