ARIES Both business affairs and romance can blossom this week, although where money is concerned you may be eager to get the best deal possible and could be quite pushy about it. The same may be true of a new love affair or budding liaison, where a touch of obsession could cause you to do or say more than you intend. However, the Libra focus suggests that you might be eager to keep everything nice even if you feel emotional about it. Lucky Numbers: 22, 30, 38

TAURUS You may wonder whether you should be gracious and go out of your way for others or stick to your own agenda. The current blend of energies could mean that you swing between these options and may even decide to do nothing if you can’t decide what to do next. However, there might be a way to compromise even if you have reservations about doing so. If it saves clashing with others and the resulting bad feelings, it might be worth it. Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 57

GEMINI You may want to give a good impression, but underneath the charming smile you could have an agenda that you feel would be rude to share with others. The truth may be that you’re eager to get your own way concerning romance, business, and money matters, but you don’t want to make it too obvious. If you’re going to get the results you seek, you may need to be honest with at least one person or you could lose out. Lucky Numbers: 11, 14, 29

CANCER A somewhat intense connection could make it easier to talk someone around to your way of thinking. But you might find that if you try too hard, they could back off and even become unapproachable. The present focus on tact and diplomacy encourages you to tackle the subject from a different perspective, resulting in a much more desirable outcome. The Quarter Moon over the weekend could mean that someone will boss you around unless you can be firm with them. Lucky Numbers: 6, 31, 52

LEO There’s a lot to be said for socializing, as it could bring opportunities your way that you might not come across otherwise. You may even find that a creative idea leads to a project you enjoy collaborating on, one that could quickly become a done deal. On the home front, a plan to change your eating habits can be successful if you have a strong reason to look and feel better. If not, you might require more stamina to keep going. Lucky Numbers: 1, 15, 17

VIRGO If you have items to purchase for the home, don’t take the first deal you come across. Present influences suggest that you might be able to get a better one elsewhere – in fact, one you’ll be really pleased with. On another note, the tendency to indulge could cause you to spend more on leisure activities than you need to. However, if you’re investing your cash in a creative project or blossoming romance, you may feel it’s money well spent. Lucky Numbers: 10, 47, 55

LIBRA If you’re to make the most of this week, you might find that it goes more easily if you keep an open mind and are willing to put yourself in another person’s shoes, especially if you’re experiencing a degree of conflict with him or her. It might even add extra sparkle to the relationship if it encourages fresh ideas and lets you see things in a new light. However, you may have no option but to compromise over the weekend. Lucky Numbers: 3, 18, 32

SCORPIO The focus on your psychological sector intensifies this week and may be even more reason why you’re so eager to make changes. This might not involve doing more, though, but rather letting go of activities that no longer serve you, which may lead to you do a lot less. This is also a chance to think about your life purpose and how far you’ve come working toward it. If you aren’t sure what it is, use this opportunity to reflect on it. Lucky Numbers: 17, 23, 29

SAGITTARIUS Early in the week could see you getting serious about collaborating on a project that is deeply meaningful to you. In fact, this partner could be the driving force that encourages you to try, as he or she may see some dazzling possibilities in your idea. But try not to overthink this, as that could delay everything. If you try to get it perfectly right the first time, it might not work out as well as taking a more spontaneous approach. Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 10

CAPRICORN With its Sun/Jupiter alignment, the start of the week could coincide with some good news or an offer you can’t refuse. And rest assured there’s more to come! The more you work at setting your goals and achieving them, the bigger your rewards will be. Mars enters your sign this week, too, which could stir you to action regarding any personal plans that were put on hold. Friday’s New Moon can be helpful for kick-starting a major project. Lucky Numbers: 8, 14, 29

AQUARIUS The focus on far horizons could see you making travel plans and considering study options. And the more willing you are to move out of your comfort zone, the more exciting the doors that open up can be. Regarding a career move, it might be wise to trust your instincts. The job might sound perfect, but if you suspect that it isn’t, investigate further. It’s also possible that a pattern of belief may be holding you back from trying something new. Lucky Numbers: 7, 10, 37

PISCES New possibilities are opening up for you, but you need to decide whether you’re ready to embrace them or not. There could be some doubt in your mind concerning your ability to tackle something that you’ve never tried before. It all comes down to confidence. If Jupiter in your sector of change suggests anything at all, it’s that you have more than enough chutzpah to engage in activities that are pleasantly challenging. Soon you’ll hit your stride! Lucky Numbers: 4, 22, 53

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