How to Expand Your Business in Today’s Marketplace – Part 1

How to Expand Your Business in Today’s Marketplace - Part 1

by Kachelle Kelly
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times

The Internet began with the original intent to share raw data between researchers through text, email, sound and pictures but has exploded to a staple in our lives that dictates how we connect with others, gain our news and information but more excitingly, how we do business around the world. As business owners, we have the opportunity to expand our business blueprint in a way that’s truly limitless!

Long gone are the days when you simply opened your doors and twiddled your thumbs hoping someone would stop by your storefront. You now have the opportunity to demand to be noticed, open and sell 24/7 and market to people around the globe for a low cost, if not free! Your business can explode through social media, testimonials, your website, building a strong email list, blogging and video. You can achieve surefire success by combining these efforts while thinking outside the box and standing out from your competition.

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I remember the day I saw “Follow Us on Facebook” on the bottom of my Forever 21 shopping bag in 2010. I knew from that moment, social media was about to explode for businesses and we would never look back. Success leaves clues and when I received that clue, I too started a fan page for people to “Follow Me on Facebook.” From that, I was able to open the “virtual doors” to my coaching practice with my first client in Rome, by using Skype and then others followed in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Louisville and Miami until I had a full practice. Each of my clients still today have found, followed, or watched a video of me on social media. It is the fastest and most cost effective way to expand your business if you master the “art” of social media.

Before you begin posting and marketing, you must get clear on your business’ avatar, your ideal client. Ask yourself questions about who they are, what they are interested in, struggles and so on. Once you are clear, you now understand how to communicate their solution. When you generalize your niche to just women or men, you lose the opportunity to connect and work with your ideal clients. You also stand out among your competition by understanding your audience. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of other businesses that do exactly what you do. You need to answer the question of “Why should consumers choose you?” When you market, you want potential clients to say to themselves, “yes…this is exactly what I have been looking for and need; where do I sign up?” So don’t forget to provide a “call of action” on how they can do just that at the end of your posts.

We will continue to explore the “art” of social media and other online tools to expand your business next week!

Kachelle Kelly is founder of Kachelle Kelly International, Inc., a small business & empowerment coaching firm. Kachelle coaches career driven women & men to not only activate their hustle but faith by providing them with innovative ideas, strategies, resources and empowerment to achieve authentic success, profitability, peace and happiness in their business and life. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and the NAPW 2012-2013 “Woman of the Year” for Consulting & Coaching for Texas. Kachelle is also the author of “Pretty Painful” and “Boss Men & Women Pray: 31 Prayers to Increase Your Success & Spirit”. For more information visit

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