(Reviewed) – Have you deleted apps only to find that your Android phone’s memory is still full? Does it lack a micro SD card expansion slot? Maybe it’s chock full of photos and videos that you just don’t want to delete.

These problems are common on all smartphones. But unlike iPhones and iPads, Android devices make it easy to free up space through tools built into the OS, as well as Google’s free cloud services. This guide will explain all the ways you can de-clutter your Android phone or tablet and maximize your available storage.

First and foremost, you’ll want to check out your current storage situation to see what’s using the most space. Simply go into Android’s Settings menu and tap Storage. That will bring up a screen that breaks your local storage down into six categories: Apps, Pictures and Videos, Audio, Downloads, Cached Data, and Misc.

Inside the Storage menu, you can click on each category to go to the appropriate app for managing that particular type of data. Check out the following sections for tips on how to tackle the worst offenders.


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