Alarm clocks (AP Photo)
Alarm clocks (AP Photo)
Alarm clocks (AP Photo)

(LifeHacker) – Getting out of bed can be tough. The alarm goes off and for a moment, you just stay in bed, warm and cozy, wishing that you didn’t have to move. Of course, we get up anyway, usually because we have to, but it sucks, it’s uncomfortable, and sometimes it’s painful. Here are some tips to make that moment—getting up—suck less.

That one moment, when you’re laying in bed thinking about how warm and comfortable you are and wishing you could just roll back over and go back to sleep, can define your entire day. Let’s talk about some ways to make it much much easier, and start your day off on a good foot.

Turn Up the Heat with a Programmable Thermostat

When you’re getting up, the last thing you want is to leave the warm bed for the chilly morning air. Sure, it’s a jolt awake, but you can make that jolt a little easier on yourself—and start the day off on a better note—with a little cash and a few minutes of DIY installation work. Programmable and other “smart” thermostats offer a ton of useful benefits, from energy savings to remote management, but perhaps one of the most immediate payoffs is the ability to program temperature settings for different times of the day. We’ve mentioned before that cooling yourself down leads to better sleep, so it makes sense to turn the thermostat down a bit when you go to sleep, then up to warm things up a little when you wake. A programmable model will do it for you.


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