If you’ve ever questioned the intellectual and academic astuteness or the commitment to communities of people of color both in the U.S. or abroad collectively instilled within those who graduate from Howard University’s College of Medicine, one need look no further than Dr. Yolanda Lewis-Ragland.

Dr. Lewis-Ragland, a double-board certified physician in pediatrics and obesity medicine, owner and CEO of Family Fitness and Wellness for Community Health and Founder and president of her non-profit organization that focuses on reducing health disparities in at-risk communities, continues to lead by example.

She recently published “Navigating a Triple Pandemic: Black and Brown Healthcare Workers Confront Racism in America, Health Disparities in Medicine and the Trauma of COVID-19,” a collection of provocative tales shared by 15 healthcare workers of color – heroes who serve as advocates for vulnerable communities in the backdrop of COVID-19.

These stories that would often remain untold, illustrate the efforts of men and women on the frontline who refuse to be deterred as they address underlying and comorbid diseases that disproportionately burden communities of color.

Further, as Dr. Lewis-Ragland posits in her book, the featured healthcare workers continue to tackle the added challenges brought on by a health pandemic which often appears to have a specific appetite for people who look like them and in communities where they have chosen to serve.

Dr. Lewis-Ragland began her post-doctorate education in public health as a PEACE CORPS Health Extensionist in West Africa and completed her training at Howard University College of Medicine and Howard University Hospital in Northwest. The mentor and mother of three serves as a community advocate through frequent medical missions and in numerous health fairs in countries throughout the Caribbean.

She says her life’s work has long been to provide quality healthcare service in efforts to reduce, if not close, the gap of healthcare disparities and to promote health equity in vulnerable populations and communities.

Her latest book, the top new release on Amazon in two categories for consecutive weeks, has underscored her reputation as an expert on self-care strategies that maximize health and minimize stress in children and adults who experience trauma while addressing the burden of burnout faced by healthcare professionals of color.

Dr. Lewis-Ragland has received several awards and honors for her work as a community advocate, educator and researcher.

Recently, the District’s Mayor’s Office, The City of Baltimore and the Maryland House of Delegates each issued proclamations to recognize the efforts she champions through her foundation. One proclamation saluted the noted physician for her “tireless and comprehensive work in vulnerable communities of color to improve the quality of health and decrease health disparities.”

Editor’s Note: The Washington Informer salutes Dr. Lewis-Ragland and highly recommends her book for the edification of those who support our publication and for the greater awareness of the subjects addressed in her text which its readers will assuredly achieve.  

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