(Albert Herring/Creative Commons license)
(Albert Herring/Creative Commons license)

Sam Ford, ABC 7 – WJLA

WASHINGTON (WJLA.com) – Parents are furious over what they’re calling a sudden surge in teachers resigning or being fired from Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)²—allegedly for teaching black history.

As students came to school Wednesday morning, so did some of their parents, asking what’s going on and why so many teachers are quitting or getting fired in the middle of the school year.

“As parents, we just want to get some answers,” said Dorothy Lowery. “We deserve to know what’s going on.”

After all three of the school’s social studies teachers gave their two weeks’ notice last week, parents say the new principal, Angelicque Blackmon, confronted all three with pink slips Tuesday, in front of students.



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