Elijah Cummings
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), seen here at the National Press Club in D.C. on Aug 7, 2019 (Shevry Lassiter/The Washington Informer)

Howard University, set to honor the late Rep. Elijah Cummings on Nov. 25, will also be the benefactor of a variety of items that belonged to him.

The university’s event in honor of Cummings is being called “Howard University’s Tribute to U.S. Representative Elijah E. Cummings: A Champion for Democracy and Civic Engagement.”

Cummings graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1973 from the prestigious school where he was student association president.

Items from Cummings’ Capitol Hill office to be given to his alma mater include photographs, letters, an African American stamp collection and office signs bearing his name.

Prior to his death at age 68 on Oct. 17, Cummings was involved in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. As a result, before the items are donated, they must be reviewed to ensure that no sensitive information will be shared.

The congressman’s widow, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, said that the items could be donated without a problem once there is a security clearance and authorization.

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