Courtesy of Howard University
**FILE** Courtesy of Howard University

Howard University has announced its schedule of in-person and livestreamed events for its homecoming that starts Saturday.

University officials decided to utilize a hybrid approach to homecoming this year because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The theme for homecoming is “Remember the Times”, according to the university website.

The in-person events, such as the Bison Madness pep rally, the fashion and step shows, a modified concert, the annual Lavender Reception, Day of Service and the opening of the Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership, will occur at a limited capacity, closed to alumni and people attending those events must have the Bison Safe app and complete the daily coronavirus self-assessment. The university website reported these events will be livestreamed.

However, the homecoming football game between Howard and Norfolk State University will take place at Greene Stadium on Oct. 23 at 1 p.m. and it will be open to alumni, the university website reported.

Howard President Wayne A.I. Frederick said he hopes that the university community will participate as much as possible despite the restrictions.

“Howard is calling on students, alumni, faculty and staff to remember their first homecoming experience, their first homecoming football game and fond university experiences,” Frederick said, WTOP reported. “Homecoming is an ideal opportunity to recommit ourselves to navigating the current social landscape and building toward Howard’s future.”

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