Jamaica’s Global Sector Services (GSS) Apprenticeship program, aimed at equipping some 400 personnel for higher value-added jobs in the local industry over four years, was officially launched Jan. 28.

Beginning in April, 100 apprentices will benefit from in-house training per year at GSS firms. The objective is to promote the growth and expansion of the sector by building the capacity of existing staff and upskilling them from entry-level to supervisory roles.

GSS firms include those operating in the business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing and information technology-enabled services.

Diane Edwards, president of Jamaica Promotions Corporation, in her address at the launch held at the agency’s head office in New Kingston, said the program will serve as a lynchpin “in driving Jamaican young people forward.”

She said that the outsourcing industry, which employs upwards of 36,000 persons, is a dynamic and fast-moving sector; therefore, upskilling the workers will enable them to occupy higher-end jobs.

Edwards said firms in the GSS collaborated and agreed on the modules of the supervisory training curriculum and formally endorsed the course outline on Nov. 15.

“HEART/NTA, a key beneficiary partner in the GSS Project, graciously offered to build out the training curriculum under the guidance of the industry that will result in each apprenticeship receiving national certification,” she said.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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