(MacWorld) – I was an original backer of the Kickstarter for the Pebble smartwatch and have been wearing it on my wrist for more than two years, so you’d think I’d be one of the tens of thousands of people rushing to Kickstart the new Pebble Time. But I’m not.

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed my two years with the Pebble. It’s not that I dislike the new interface on the Pebble Time—in fact, I think it looks pretty cool. No, I’m not buying in to Pebble Time because I’m an iPhone user.

Unlike all the Android Wear watches out there, Pebble’s watches have always claimed iOS compatibility. That’s true of the Pebble Time, too. But in the past two years as a Pebble user, one thing has been abundantly clear: My Pebble’s relationship with iOS has been fraught with difficulty. I had to fiddle endlessly with Notification Center settings to get alerts to properly display on my watch, and since the release of iOS 8 I’ve found that more often than not my Pebble has just silently lost its connection to my iPhone—or the Pebble app says it isconnected, but it doesn’t actually send any notifications. Except when it does.


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