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It’s the new year and many in my circle say that they don’t make resolutions anymore. Well, not me! I am still inspired and compelled to look at the year past and reflect upon the things that I did and didn’t do. I review the goals I still have that are not achieved and the blessings that happened in spite of my slacking off.

This past year as a continuation of the preceding year was not one that I would have planned. For many, the pandemic created an environment that had an overhanging weight of fear. Some of our greatest freedoms were taken away. The freedom of breathing openly was taken away by the pandemic. The freedom of spending time with the people we love without fear of hurting them or getting hurt was taken away. The freedom of attending public events was taken away.

There has been so much loss of life this past two years that there has not been time to grieve and adjust from one without the reeling of another. Grief has been an active part of our lives for the past two years. There are not many families who have not experienced loss.

Yet, it is a new year. We are blessed in so many ways. This new year brings me the commitment to start afresh with goals, dreams and new energy. This new year has required me to reflect on the tactics used previously and evaluate the success or shortcoming. One of my father’s quotes is “Difficulty is no excuse for surrender!”

I believe the reason that many folks give up on resolutions is that we don’t maintain the fervor that we had at the beginning of the year to achieve our goals. We used to joke at the gym at “resolution’ers” time. But lack of success doesn’t create the justification for not trying.

Let’s continue to resolve to be great. Let’s continue to resolve to achieve new goals and dreams. I am an estate planning attorney that works with individuals and families who are committed to legacy building. Strategic Estate Planning sets up goals and dreams to pass on to heirs an inheritance with clarity and direction.

I count it a privilege to look forward to the new year with new goals. Like most people, I continue to have spiritual, financial and physical fitness goals. While I will admit that I have had some goals for many years, I realize there is no harm in working for improvement year after year.

The new year is an opportunity to be thoughtful and reflective on how to have a greater impact in my life and by my life. Let’s not give up on that. Let’s continue to resolve to be greater this year than we were last year. Let’s resolve to create a legacy that endures beyond our lifetime. If I was still working out publicly I would embrace the “Resolution’ers” with joy and encouragement. Exercising for a quarter of the year is still better than not working out at all. Let’s resolve to encourage one another to build for greatness! A Griffin Firm motto is “we build strong communities, one family at a time.” We can do this together!

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