Mad, the venerable humor magazine that lampooned all facets of pop culture and politics, will cease publication of new material after 67 years.

After its next two issues, the magazine reportedly will instead only fill its pages with old material, except for year-end specials. It will only be available via subscription or at comic book stores.

Mad hit a circulation peak of 2.8 million in 1973, but as it became more focused on pop culture, it steadily lost readers and relevance.

Mad’s owner, DC Entertainment, declined to comment publicly on the publication’s future, but writers and artists of the magazine have posted on social media platforms that it is effectively dead.

Mad influenced a generation of comedians, comic artists and writers like Art Spiegelman. Publications such as The Onion and shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “South Park” were also heavily indebted to its satirical, smart-alecky nature.

“Mad was, ‘The entire adult world is lying to you, and we are part of the adult world. Good luck to you,’” Spiegelman told The New York Times. “I think that shaped my generation.”

Compiled by Olivia Boyd, WI Intern

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