Since its founding in 1967, the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum has been powered by you — the people and stories of the Washington, D.C., region. A lot has changed in these last 55 years, but one thing remains the same: our steadfast resolve in bringing to light the unsung stories of people who are emboldened to catalyze change in our communities and neighborhoods.

In many ways this legacy informed the Museum’s new brand which we began to roll out earlier this year- the logo inspired by our façade, the anchor where the stories of people and place are told; the colors are bold and celebratory; the tagline “powered by the people” grounds us in our founding of community engagement and inclusion. All these traditional two-dimensional pieces come together to breathe life into this place. Into this home. Into the stories of our community.

When we first opened our doors as the Anacostia Neighborhood Museum our community-centered approach to curation and development of programs and exhibitions was viewed as groundbreaking and innovative. As we move into the next chapter, we are committed to continuing this legacy. We will continue to celebrate the stories of resiliency, joy, and strength, as we have for the last 55 years. We will do so through our exhibitions and programming onsite at the museum. You’ll also see us reaching beyond our museum walls. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood for our Activators, who can be seen out in the community peeling back the layers of the everyday places as sites of learning, joy, reflection, and healing, using the city as an extension of our museum. Follow us on social media where we will share our diverse collection, showcase the Activator’s work, and continue to share stories of our community. Our legacy also will be present in our upcoming Center for Environmental Justice, which will launch early next year.

ACM sits at the interaction of history, place, and community. Simultaneously looking to the past while firmly placed in the present and giving rise to a more equitable future. The stories we tell are local in nature but resonate with communities across the nation and around the world. Thank you for being a part of the story.

Join ACM as we continue our story this summer through our Portraits By the People initiative. This digital, photo-based initiative seeks to gather the portraits of our community at this point in time, looking to the next 55 years and beyond. Select images will be showcased as projections on the side of the Museum’s façade on the evening of September 15 as part of our 55th-anniversary celebration.

You can share your portrait at

The Washington Informer and Washington Informer Bridge are media sponsors for Portraits By The People.

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