Certain students in Fairfax and Loudoun counties resumed in-person instruction Tuesday.

Pupils have not had in-person instruction in those Northern Virginia counties since a December spike in coronavirus cases in the region.

In Fairfax, the largest school district in Virginia, several small groups of students will be back in school buildings with pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students with special needs traveling for instruction four days a week, WTOP reported. Students who take career-training programs will be in school buildings one or two days a week.

The Loudoun County school system will have students from the third to the fifth grade who families select hybrid instruction in 2020 will be reunited with educators and classmates in classrooms twice a week. Families who choose to remain in the virtual learning environment completely are free to do so for the duration of the academic year, WTOP reported.

Public schools in Virginia have been highly encouraged by Gov. Ralph Northam and federal and state public health agencies to resume in-person instruction as soon as possible. Northam and public health agency leaders point to declining coronavirus cases and a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determination that the virus will not spread in schools as in other places.

Plus, to the chagrin of teachers’ unions, the CDC said educators don’t necessarily need to be vaccinated for in-person instruction to take place.

In Fairfax, plans are set to reintroduce smaller groups of students each week, with all grades offering hybrid learning by March 16. Loudoun County middle and high schoolers who parents chose hybrid learning can come back to classrooms two days a week by March 3, WTOP reported.

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