**FILE** Acting D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee (Courtesy of MPD via Twitter)
**FILE** D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee (Courtesy of MPD via Twitter)

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Seventy law enforcement leaders from around the globe graduated from the inaugural DC Police Leadership Academy, the Metropolitan Police Department said Friday.

The academy’s three-week program was hosted by MPD with police leaders from Germany, Canada, Netherlands, England, and the U.S. The participants engaged in leadership training through discourse, and interactive activities and heard from a wide range of industry experts.

The academy was founded in 2022 to aid rising police leaders who are not at the appointive stage to hone their leadership skills to help them in their careers.

The academy works to identify second-line managers who are adaptable, creative, and motivated to participate in the advancement of law enforcement. Plus, the academy has the goal of developing leaders who demonstrate a high standard of integrity, trust, openness, humility, and respect.

The program is also designed to build upon a positive police culture that embraces innovation and a sense of purpose. Twenty MPD officers participated in the academy.

“We are focused on building a legion of police leaders who strive to continuously transfer excellence at every level of a police force,” said MPD Chief Robert J. Contee III. “Creating ample opportunities for people to excel within law enforcement affords us the ability to provide quality public safety services in our communities. The leadership academy forges a path for them to advance the profession for future generations.”

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