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For Taran Richardson, the college acceptance letters just kept coming.
The pile of letters addressed to the 18-year-old Indiana native eventually built up so high that he found himself having to decide from among 65 offers.
Taran ultimately chose Howard University in D.C., over which he’s excited because it’s also the alma mater of Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.
“I’m very excited,” Taran, an Eagle Scout, four-sport athlete, anti-violence activist, and a national honor scholar, said in a recent hometown broadcast interview, during which he also shared his plans to study physics and astronomy at Howard.
“It was like a whole lot of mail, and my mom — who works as a flight attendant– was like, ‘I’m proud and excited and all, but this mail, it’s got to stop. It’s got to go.’”
Richardson’s stepfather, who works three jobs, also chimed in.
“[We’re] in survival mode. We can’t change that,”Tracy Davis added. “But we change [that] for him.”
Taran’s plans upon completing college call for him to become an astrophysicist with NASA.

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