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Happy New Year!

The Washington Informer, in partnership with JPMorgan Chase, is pleased to introduce “Money Talk”, an informational series designed to address racial inequality and a guide to help our community make more informed financial decisions. 

JPMorgan Chase recently made a $30 billion racial equity commitment to help close the racial wealth gap and drive inclusive economic growth. So, this partnership only makes sense for two companies striving to achieve the same goals to partner with one another.

“Financial health is one of the most important skills one can learn, yet even today it’s still not taught in grade school. When our communities do better, we all do better and that includes understanding money management and credit.  JPMorgan Chase is committed to supporting our residents in helping to provide proper financial tips and tricks. That’s what the Money Talk series is all about. We hope it will empower more people to become financially savvy, open a business or embark on a path to homeownership.” 

Carolyn Evert, JPMorgan Chase Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic U.S. Regional Communications

“Too often, in our community, financial decisions are made without qualified or trusted information or advice. When the decision turns out to be the right one, everyone wins. Our families and our communities also benefit. But, when we act on limited knowledge or information, the price can be devastating. That is why we welcome this opportunity to partner with JPMorgan Chase, a company that is investing in our communities across the country and demonstrating a significant financial commitment to help make our communities whole. It is up to us to learn, adopt and share the valuable information “Money Talk” will provide. 

Denise Rolark Barnes, Publisher, The Washington Informer

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