(Wired) – Instagram is killing it, and it wants you to know so. The social network just said it now has 400 million people posting carefully plated food and pristine landscapes to its service every month.

The milestone announced in a blog post on Instagram’s site shows a five-year-old social network that continues to luxuriate in reliably steady growth. What’s more, the Facebook-owned company said more than 75 percent of those Instagrammers live outside the US; among its last 100 million members to join, more than half live in Europe and Asia. Instagram highlighted David Beckham from the UK, Indonesia’s Raffi and Nagita, German soccer player Toni Kroos and South Korea’s T.O.P. as some of the more noteworthy new non-US members.

The company also reports more than 80 million Instagrams, which altogether enjoy 3.5 billion daily likes. In total, more than 40 billion photos have been shared on its site.

To be sure, 400 million users is a nice, round number to publicize, especially with Ad Week right around the corner. It also shows the company is still doing much better than Twitter, which has 316 million monthly active users and is still going through a rocky phase as it struggles to find a permanent CEO. Instagram is also outpacing digital scrapbooking site Pinterest, which recently hit 100 million users.


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