(Forbes) – Just before the public get their hands on the latest smartphones from Apple this Friday, the reviews of Tim Cook’s new hardware are coming in. The Forbes Tech team are still working away on our reviews, so keep watching for those before the end of the week. In the meantime, what does the Internet think of the new super-sized iPhones?

Every Screen Is Bigger

The biggest question most people are addressing is over the two screen sizes – with 4.7 inches on the Apple iPhone 6 and  5.5 inches on the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, consumers are going to be looking for opinions on the two sizes so they can decide which size will be a better fit for them. The new screen sizes will also impact on the usability of iOS 8.

The Verge’s David Pierce opens up those discussions by noting that with the iPhone 6, Apple has finally broken away from the 4 inch screen on previous models to deliver a screen size that, while smaller than the expected five-inch screen for a modern smartphone, still delivers the larger screened experience in an iPhone:


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