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( – When Apple first released the iPhone 6, we were struck by the surprisingly persistent and numerous bugs in iOS 8. Almost all review units (from any company, not just Apple) are thoroughly tested, vetted, and hand-selected as being the best representation of that product. You don’t want a reviewer accidentally ending up with a blemished, defective phone. Bad publicity. So using an iPhone that rebooted itself and got hung up on the keyboard was surprising indeed.

We weren’t alone in that sentiment. WIRED saw similar bugs on the iPhone 6 Plus. Other reviewers pronounced it Apple’s buggiest release yet, and Apple pundit John Gruber wrote “it seems like Apple’s software teams can’t keep up with the pace of the hardware teams” before talking more about getting stuck in an endless reboot cycle.

Turns out it wasn’t just in our heads: Data from app performance monitorCrittercism showed iOS 8’s crash rate was 60 percent higher than iOS 7 during their respective first months on handsets.

“I find myself at once impressed by the overall quality of iOS, and surprised by the seemingly obvious problems that have recently made it past QA,” Red Sweater Software founder and ex-Apple software quality engineer Daniel Jalkut told WIRED via email about iOS 8. Jalkut shed some light on how bugs can slip through:


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