Ralkina Jones (Courtesy Photo)
Ralkina Jones (Courtesy Photo)
Ralkina Jones (Courtesy Photo)

(NBC News) – An Ohio woman whose death in police custody is being investigated, may have been improperly medicated by authorities, newly released documents show.

Ralkina Jones, 37, was found dead in a jail cell on July 26 after being arrested by the Cleveland Heights Police Department two days earlier following a fight with her ex-husband outside of a bar.

On Wednesday, authorities released Jones’ prisoner medication log as well as the main jail log — and officials admit there is a discrepancy: Jones’ prisoner log indicates that she was given medications twice over the course of about 24 hours, while the jail log indicates that drugs were dispensed three times.

Her medications are listed on her prisoner medication log as: atenolol (blood pressure), gabapentin (anti-epileptic), escitalopram (anti-anxiety), sumatripitan (migraine), oxycodone (pain), and zolpidem (sedative).


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