The Ministry of Tourism of Jamaica is to establish a Recovery Task Force that will be charged with developing a blueprint for a post-COVID-19 tourism industry.

This was disclosed by Portfolio Minister Edmund Bartlett during a digital press briefing on April 2 to provide an update on the sector.

“This is very important to us, as we know that the world is going to change after COVID-19,” Bartlett said. “We know that there is going to be new paradigms that will emerge. We know also that there are going to be new markets that are going to emerge and some of the demographics that now drive the tourism experience are going to change.”

Bartlett noted that focus will be placed on new innovative drives that are going to influence new products/experiences “and, more importantly, who are going to be the new tourists who are going to come post-COVID-19.”

“I think that this is very important, as we also want to look at how the airlines and aviation is going to be configured in this new paradigm,” Bartlett said. “We are talking with the market, and I must tell you the market is not as pessimistic as some people think.

“We are seeing that the appetite for travel has not died,” he said. “For example, bookings for May and June are still very strong. People have bought vacations sometimes a year in advance, people are members of clubs and people have rewards programs that they are benefiting from, and all of these are impacting on the way that the appetite for the industry is still holding.”

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