Jamal Bryant
**FILE** Rev. Jamal Bryant (Freddie Allen/AMG/NNPA)

Rev. Jamal Bryant, pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest, Georgia, announced plans Sunday to build affordable housing for seniors as well as a medical facility on the church’s campus that will serve the uninsured and under-insured.

“As you all know, we are two weeks away from making our headway to becoming a debt-free church,” Bryant said during the service. “We are the largest land-owning church in America. And next year, y’all get ready, ’cause it’s gonna be construction trucks all over our sanctuary, all over our campus. We’re looking to build right on our campus, affordable housing.”

The former pastor of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore said he believes God has called his church to invest in the welfare of seniors and other vulnerable populations.

“The fastest-growing demographic is now our seniors, for the first time in American history,” he said. “There are more 60-year-olds than there are 16-year-olds. We are a multi-generational church, and we have to make sure that we take care of our parents and our grandparents.”

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