Jeffrey Osborne
Jeffrey Osborne (Photo by Anna Webber)

For his first album in 13 years in the realm of soul music for which he has indelibly inscribed his mark, singer/songwriter/producer Jeffrey Osborne has returned to the scene much to the delight of his many fans. His 12-song album, “Worth It All,” will be released on May 25 on Artistry Music.

The album promises to be a vibrant and thoughtfully romantic project in which Osborne, now 70, reflects on his 35-plus years of marriage, sharing his reflections to a richly robust and diversified palate of sumptuous, soulful tunes.

The album features special guests Gerald Albright on saxophone, Rick Braun on trumpet and includes a sexy, rainy night scenario song titled “Work It,” co-written by his son, Jeffrey Osborne Jr. Other songs range from edgy up-tempos such as “Let a Brotha Know,” “Just Can’t Stand It” and “Stay the Way You Are” as well as signature ballads that include “The Greatest Night” and “Your Lover” — all written by Osborne.

The centerpiece of the album is its tutorial title track, “Worth it All,” a song that speaks to the challenges of weathering the storms of a long-term relationship to reach even greater rewards once the clouds have cleared away.

Osborne says, “I believe people actually become closer working through trials and tribulations. It’s about communication and not allowing that fire to slip away. Love is worth going through the little fires you have to put out from time to time.”

Jeffrey Osborne will speak with Washington Informer Editor D. Kevin McNeir later this week. The interview will be part of a feature about Osborne and his career that will be published in our May 3rd edition. Stay tuned!

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