Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

In a 20-page opinion on Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas slammed women who have abortions as heartless “eugenicists.”

Thomas opposed the high court’s majority decision not to overturn a lower court’s ruling that blocked Indiana abortion restrictions that would have stopped women from aborting due to a fetus’ sex, race or disability. The court however, upheld a portion of Indiana’s abortion law that requires fetal remains to be buried or cremated.

Thomas, 70, known for his relative silence from the bench, wrote that abortion “is an act rife with the potential for eugenic manipulation. … Today’s prenatal screening tests and other technologies, abortion can easily be used to eliminate children due to some trait or abnormality.”

He added that abortion is a “disturbingly effective tool for implementing the discriminatory preferences that undergird eugenics.”

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