• Video of an elderly white woman shouting racial slurs at two Hispanic women she thought cut in front of her in a line at a Kentucky mall has gone viral, prompting a quest to identify the woman in order to ban her from the mall.

The Hispanic shoppers were already at the checkout counter at a J.C. Penney in the Jefferson Mall in Louisville when one of them apparently forgot an item and went back to get it.

The unidentified elderly woman standing in line, began hurling racist and vulgar insults, telling the two Hispanic women to “go back to wherever the (expletive) you come from, lady.”

A video of the incident — which went viral Tuesday — shows the white woman shouting at the two women that they’re “nobodies” and “probably on welfare” and that they should learn to speak English.

As of Wednesday, the video had been viewed more than five million times.

The mall issued a statement on its Facebook page saying its officials are attempting to identify the woman and bar her from shopping there in the future.

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