[Los Angeles Times]

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Four Somali men were arraigned in a Kenyan court Monday, charged with aiding the September terrorist attack on the Westgate shopping mall in which at least 67 civilians and members of the security forces died.

The men pleaded not guilty to all charges against them, which included providing assistance to the attackers and entering Kenya illegally. One was also charged with harboring a terrorist, which suggested, for the first time, that one of the mall attackers may have escaped.

The Somalia terror group Al Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack in revenge for Kenya’s military deployment in Somalia.

The bodies of four of the alleged attackers were removed from the shopping mall last month and underwent DNA analysis. Images from video cameras inside the mall showed four gunmen shooting at crowds. Earlier reports from government officials that 10 to 15 perpetrators were involved appear to have been incorrect.

The four men arraigned on Monday were Mohamed Ahmed Abdi, Liban Abdulla Omar, Hussein Hassan Mustafah and Adan Dheq.