Kim Hunter

Orchestra Partners recently announced the appointment of entrepreneur Kim Hunter to the Independent Corporate Advisory Board.

With the appointment of Hunter, the board will have five directors.

“We are delighted to welcome Kim to the Orchestra Partners board,” Hunter Renfroe, principal of Orchestra Partners, said in a statement. “Kim’s strategic thinking, diverse industry expertise, and experience in sustaining growth over long periods of time is exactly why we selected him for our board. His perspective and insights will be invaluable to us as we expand our business and continue to transform the urban experience. Lastly, Kim’s experience in commercial real estate and development as well as travel and tourism will undoubtedly bring value to our strategic vision.”

Hunter’s term lasts three years, subject to shareholders’ approval. During his career, he has founded three privately held enterprises: LAGRANT Communications, The LAGRANT Foundation and KLH and Associates.

Hunter has served on the board of CalPrivate Bank’s Community Advisory, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Private Bancorp of America Inc., and for two decades was a corporate director of SCAN Health Plan.

As corporate director, Hunter was a member of the audit and compliance, compensation, finance, quality and customer experience and chaired the corporate governance committee for seven years after serving on the committee for 14 years.

Hunter belongs to the National Association of Corporate Directors-Pacific Southwest chapter where he serves as chair of the nominating and governing committee. Additionally, he is a member of the Private Directors Association.

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