Kroger, the nation’s second-largest general retailer, announced Tuesday it will sell a smartphone-enabled, at-home coronavirus test kit online and at pharmacies.

The rapid coronavirus test can perform using a smartphone and without involving a lab, telemedicine visits or specialized electronics, CNN reported. Kroger plans to sell the antigen test online and over the counter in pharmacies.

People can take the test by following video instructions provided by an app that will show them how to collect a nasal swab. After 15 minutes, users will scan their rapid test for results.

Kroger said the app will share the test results with public health agencies.

Gauss and biotechnology company Cellex developed the Kroger coronavirus test, which hasn’t yet received emergency-use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization.

Kroger said Gauss manufactured 1.5 million tests last month and is capable of ramping up production to 30 million tests a month, CNN reported.

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